• As Product Manager for Customer Software, I am responsible for all development and support related to Custom Web and Mobile Applications created by Unboxed Technology for Fortune 500 clients like Comcast, Charter, Anthem, O&M.

  • Lead and participate in strategic technical planning for 3 systems and 19 applications with business stakeholders, IT Staff and project managers to identify scope and prioritize new functionality on projects ranging from $50k - $500k.

As the Product Owner of Front End Web Development for OM Propel, my team and I simplified the claims and benefits process for practices and providers.

  • Retrieved and evaluated SQL data to evaluate military data center usage, saving over $2.5m annually.

As a competitive gamer, gaming enthusiast, and owner of CGL, my goal was to provide the opportunity of competing in a Live eSports atmosphere to those who would otherwise be confined to competing in over saturated online bracketing systems with a lack of attention to the individual player experience.

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"Jerell has proven track record of impressing anyone he comes into contact with. His unique ability to immerse himself into complex and multifarious digital products and industries makes him stand out beyond most Product Managers. His innate drive to push himself to more technical expertise will propel his career forward. Given the opportunity, I would hire Jerell again in a heartbeat and look forward to working with him again in the future."

Ankit Mathur, CIO RoundtTrip
"I've known Jerell for a few years and enjoyed our time working together and learning from him at OneMind Health while collaborating on various projects. I see Jerell as someone who has a passion to put forth the best product possible. He is always ready to take on new challenges and has the ability to take on multiple perspectives. Jerell was an invaluable team member who oversaw projects from beginning to completion, with the responsibility for ensuring the product was ready for client use. He demonstrated not only expertise in the subject matter but was also flexible in dealing with the unexpected. I would highly recommend Jerell, as he will exceed your expectations."

​Will Makris, BA Royall & Company
"Jerell is the sort of a person who would make just about any workplace a better place. He has a great attitude, relates very well to teammates, and tries his best to learn about and understand the clients he serves. He is organized and responsive without being overbearing. He is very likely to succeed at most things he commits to working on because of his ambitious perseverance. I hope to get to work with him again."

Zuzana Johansen, Sr. Mobile Tester

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